• Technical IT support

  • Web design

  • Custom UPS systems

  • Hosting of websites

    and so much more ...

    We've got you covered

With our experience in Networking – home office and business, PC support & installations, Back up, Data recovery, Remote support, Consulting, Training and Programming, we can service your business entity's IT needs. Focaltek is the answer to your technical, software and application problems. Whatever your technical issues are, we've got you covered.

We provide the following Services

Installation, configuration and assembly of computer hardware, operating systems and applications

Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks;

Remote support: Taking staff or clients through a series of actions, either face to face or over the telephone to help set up systems or resolve issues;

Network cabling installation

Troubleshooting system & network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults, replacing parts as required

Providing support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports;

Support roll-out of new applications

Setting up new users' accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues

SLA: Responding within agreed time limits to call-outs

Working continuously on a task until completion (or referral to third parties, if appropriate)

Prioritizing and managing many open cases at one time, via our Service Desk

Rapidly establishing a good working relationship with customers and other professionals, e.g., software developers

Testing and evaluating new technology

Design and supply custom UPS solutions

Design, supply and install Solar solutions for server rooms and buildings

Install, configure, implement, and maintain system hardware, software, and networks

Delivering stable and responsive applications, server and storage data and backup services